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Team Singapore at the World Agility Open 2016 in the UK!

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We aim to promote the sport

of agility in Singapore!

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Watch a video of our experience at the World Agility Open 2015 in Ermelo, The Netherlands! We sent the first ever Singapore team to the WAO last year and ran dogs that were kindly lent to us by agility enthusiasts from the host country!

What is Dog Agility?

Dog agility is an exciting and growing sport in Singapore! Dogs of all breeds can participate and even compete in agility trials held in Singapore.

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UK Agility International Programs

UK Agility International has two separate programs which enable dogs to progress up the levels by gathering the required points set per level.

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Agility Games

Games are designed to test the handler and dog in dealing with the different elements of course strategy, distance control, and versatility in agility.

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Our Equipment

Safety is important to us. Our equipment complies with international standards and are made to UK Agility specifications!

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